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Buying new furniture often costs more and has less quality than the equivalent items made in the past. The woods were usually better and denser. Not only that, but throwing perfectly functional furniture in the rubbish is also not sustainable. This is why restored furniture is an increasing trend in interior design.

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Although the woods that were used in the past in furniture making were definitely better, the glues of today are much better. This is also another reason why it is worth restoring furniture - the new glue technology existing today can bring new life to an older piece of furniture.

Used wooden furniture can be bought for low prices or even for free. Once restored, these pieces are just as good, if not better, than their new counterparts. You can save a ton of money from this one change when it comes time to furnish your home.

Restoration takes place in different ways. Sometimes it is painting, repairing, sanding, or even rebuilding. Other times, it is simple enough to revive a piece of furniture with a coat of stain and varnish for a refreshed look. Some people will even use different styles of furniture in the same room, and the common element among all of them is the same type of finishing being used. It is certainly a bolder step, but it is a growing trend that can be seen popping up in more and more places.

In other cases, it is the upholstery that needs restoring. In that case, the furniture is stripped down to pieces and all the fabrics are replaced to give new life to that trusty chair of yours. It is also a great choice to match the new fabrics of your "new to you" furniture with your home decor. It is also an opportunity to replace foam, or webbing, or even the springs replaced as well. Each of these additional services certainly makes for a more comfortable seating unit in your home.

Other than fabrics, re-upholsterers can work with leather and vinyl chairs and sofas. Vinyl is a good material choice for play rooms or any other rooms used by children. They are super easy to keep clean. Leather, on the other hand, lends a sophisticated touch to any room.

Outside your home, your business could also use restored beds, sofas, chairs, and so on. The hospitality industry is one such case, where your hotel can refresh its atmosphere by changing colours and refreshing the furniture condition. It is also a good opportunity to increase rates and arrive faster at the point where your investment has fully returned back to your pocket. Restaurant owners may benefit from restored tables and chairs for the same reasons as well.

Yet another place that could use restoration services are kitchens. Kitchen cabinets can be quite expensive because they are subject to extreme temperatures, water and humidity, and high intensity usage. By refinishing doors, changing door hardware and drawer runners, and updating pulls, you can have an entirely new kitchen for a fraction of the price.